April 17, 2024
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A 5-month-old dog, who fell into hot asphalt spilled around a construction site in northern

rescue Animal Aid Unlimited India

A 5-month-old dog, who fell into hot asphalt spilled around a construction site in northern India, was finally miraculously saved in a 4-hour rescue operation.

Another story that moved us and with a happy ending was that of this other dog that was found on the verge of death, his story will not leave you indifferent.

Claire Abrams of the animal conservation group, Animal Aid Unlimited, says the association’s staff traveled to the city of Udaipur, Rajasthan, after receiving a phone call from a passerby. They found the dog motionless, his body stiffened unable to move, glued to the ground: “There was no way he could have survived on his own, without any help,” Abrams said.

rescue Animal Aid Unlimited

Rescuers spent hours massaging large amounts of vegetable oil into the animal’s body to loosen the tar, avoiding the use of kerosene due to its damaging effects on the skin. After about 4 hours, the aid workers were able to get almost all of the sticky liquid out of the dog, before taking it to the animal shelter. Several days passed before they completely cleaned his body of tar.

On his first night arriving at the association’s housing, Abrams says: “I was petrified and gasping for breath.” The dog, who is now affectionately known as “Tar Baby”, has successfully recovered and has also been vaccinated.

dog rescue by Animal Aid Unlimited

Based in Udaipur, Animal Aid Unlimited is home to a large number of dogs, cows, donkeys and pigs. They provide emergency assistance and shelter to stray animals, in addition to responding to emergency calls like in this case.

Here is the exciting video story, you will not believe how the poor animal was and how lucky he was:

youtube videos

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