June 12, 2024
The first version of Nebia was already a new and very efficient product, in its

The first version of Nebia was already a new and very efficient product, in its second improved version, you will be able to enjoy an exquisite bath, while saving many liters of water.

With Nebia 2.0 you can enjoy your daily bath without any guilt. Since at the same time that it fulfills its function in an outstanding way, it helps to preserve the planet by saving tens of liters of water per shower.

How Nebia 2.0 contributes to preserving the planet.

To begin with, it is a shower that saves thousands of liters of water. In fact, just to start, they have saved more than 378 million liters of water.

Its system completely wets your body, making you feel the sensation of using a lot of water. But the reality is that while you bathe, the shower is saving 65% of the water compared to a conventional shower.

We know that changing a shower is not going to solve the world’s water problem, but using products like this is a good help.

Its atomization system therefore breaks up the water into small drops. It also creates a feeling of using more water during the bath, when in reality you are saving it.

Nebia 2.0 is an improved version of Nebia 1.0, they are visually attractive showers that you enjoy and that help the planet.

Features of Nebia 2.0

  • The first function to highlight is the change of spray that you can obtain through its tilt back and forth. This way you can enjoy an elevated spray or a shoulder-to-shoulder one.
  • Plus, no matter what your height is, this shower can also slide up or down 25 inches for your comfort.
  • It also comes with a wand that you can hold with a magnet or in your hand, which provides a more enveloping bath.
  • It is sold in two colors: matte black and matte silver.
  • It incorporates a pressure regulator.
  • It also features spray nozzles designed for the perfect heat.
  • This shower increases the water pressure in places where the pressure is usually low.

Nebia 1.0 was a great shower, but with Nebia 2.0 the improvement is considerable.

You can find more information and buy it at: nebia.com

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