July 13, 2024

1. Why do you want a Smartphone?

The answer to this question will help you to understand why your child wants the smartphone. Does he really need it or just want to play games or else want to chat with friends?



The less your child will use the smartphone the more he will be focused on his career. Apart from that, he will also get the time to play games like cricket, football, or basketball. By playing such games he will be physically fit and mentally strong.


2. What are some concerns you think your family and teachers have about phones?

This question helps you understand what your child thinks about using phones. You can use this conversation to clarify any of your concerns, such as how many hours he is using the phone.


Does he is studying while using the internet or just playing online games? whether he is using the social media applications properly and how your child is handling a call or text from a stranger.


3. Do you understand the rules your family and school have for phone use?

There are many childrens who will say yes to this question. But this question will help you to start the conversation about your family and school’s expectations.


It will help your child to know whether they can download apps without permission to how they can or can’t use the phone in the classroom. If your child breaks the rule then be sure to discuss the consequences.


4. What are the places you should avoid using the phone?

This is the most important question as your child should know where should he avoid using the phone. If parents teach their children these basic manners that will be useful for the rest of their life.


The most important thing you can teach them is not to stare at anyone’s phone when he is texting someone else, not to take photos in locker rooms, and not to use phones at the dinner table.


5. What will you do if you lose or break your phone?

Before taking the new phone don’t forget to take the insurance of your phone. In the future, it will help you a lot when your phone is completely broken or unusable.


However, if your phone just has a cracked screen, you may be able to repair it by giving your phone to the mobile repair center. Before you leave on a trip, back up the important documents. Apart from that use a protective case that will save your phone in case it falls from a height.

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